The restaurant at Hotel Le Mura ***

In our restaurant you can taste the flavors and recipes of Emilia and Parma. This can be accompanied with delicious appetizers affettati.Corniglio is located in the geographical area of the ham at 25 km from Langhirano and Feline famous one for the ham and the other for the salami.
The owner is committed to the choice of cold cuts by going directly to the source being able to ensure a very good value for money.
During the summer season we have air conditioning in the dining room inside but is rarely used because the 'hotel is located in Corniglio 700 meters d' altitude thus ensuring a mild temperature even in the hottest summers and you can relax and enjoy a good glass of wine or an aperitif under the arbor where external coil where already from early afternoon until the evening a breeze. Here are some dishes that you can enjoy with us:


. Toasted bread with porcini mushrooms and lard
. Oil and tomato bruschetta
. Mixed crostini
. Prosciutto and melon
. Appetizer Emilia ( mixture of salami, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese , mixed bruschetta )
. Caprese
. Mozzarella di bufala

Main course

. * Pappardelle and tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms
. * Large egg noodles Etruscan
. Spaghetti or bucatini Amatriciana or garlic
. Spaghetti with garlic and chili oil
. Penne Arrabbiata
. Tortelli filled with herbs , potatoes or pumpkin
. Cappelletti in broth
. Lasagne
. Potato dumplings with meat sauce
. Risotto with porcini mushrooms
. Risotto alla Milanese
. Risotto with asparagus

Secound courses

. Brisket to oven
. Chicken cacciatore
. Rabbit cacciatore with polenta
. Roast pork
. Veal Stew
. Veal with tuna sauce
. Cut the herbs, rocket
. Mixed Grill
. Grilled pork loin
. Grilled Swordfish
. Octopus salad with potatoes

Side dish

. French fries or baked
. Grilled vegetables
. Baked vegetables
. Tomatoes from the garden
. Mixed green salad or
. Spinach with garlic
. Green beans stewed
. battered vegetables


. Spongata
. Tart grandmother
. Pecan pie
. Lemon cake
. Chocolate Cake
. Panna cotta with berries
. Panna cotta with truffle

Please note that our menu may vary, and you can find something different every day.
If you wish to book a lunch or dinner for a group of friends or for something special reservation is required, so we better agree on the price that is on the menu ...